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My name is Katherine, I am a five hundred and thirty-eight year old human who lives in Mystic Falls. I never thought that I would become human again and to be perfectly honest, I fucking hate it, I miss being damn near indestructible and now, now I'm just some fragile little human. Oh and did I happen to mention that I'm dying? Yeah, I'm aging at a much more rapid rate than I would really like to be. So not only am I human, I'm also not able to live a long life and die when I'm good and ready. Once again, the decision has been made for me.

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Leaving town Friday, don’t know which day I will be heading back home but fair warning that I won’t be on any blogs, be they RP or my RPG’s, I will not be online at all this weekend.


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Enzo in 50 shades of Grayson

She could remember the pain that radiated up her arm like liquid fire being slowly, agonizingly being trickled up her delicate flesh and then her heart had began to thump painfully as if someone’s hands were grasped tightly around it, squeezing with each beat to the point of it bursting like a water balloon. She didn’t remember the pain of her tumble down the stairs, she was already gone by then, passed out from the sheer pain she had just experienced. It wasn’t bad enough that her hearing was going, that she was getting wrinkles or that her hair was starting to grey and fall out in clumps, now she had to go and have a heart attack.

She simply could not catch a break, but of course she couldn’t, in her five hundred years, when had she ever really and truly caught a break? Oh, that’s right, pretty much never. She was able to handle the running for centuries but slowly dying, aging faster than she’d thought would be possible. She just wanted to go back to the momentary bliss she felt when she had woken up beside Stefan after a long awaited night of their bodies becoming molded together, that bliss was something she’d missed terribly since before his turning.

As her eyelids began to flutter, a soft groan could be heard reverberating about the room which seemed odd to her, as far as she could remember the Boarding House didn’t echo like this room she was in had. A pale hand reaching up to rub at her face as her chocolate eyes finally broke free from the confines behind her lids, they wandered slowly throughout the painfully white room with utter confusion before it finally dawned on her. She was in the Hospital, thank god for small favors, at least she wasn’t stuck in some seedy little room located god knows where.

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This is being turned into a Katherine blog because I just want my baby back… This is the third time I’ve brought her back lmfao.





Carmen needs to be the first trans VictoriaSecret model though, really.



^ no, actually SHE’s carmen carrera and SHE is a gorgeous model and great person and SHE does not deserve to be misgendered because SHE is trans because SHE is amazing imo